David Young is a researcher interested in archiving media technologies, the history of computing, and the culture of defence research in the United States during the Cold War. He has a background in digital media art, and has collaborated with artists, designers, and scientists in the production of experimental, research-oriented artworks funded by the Arts Trust Scotland, New Scotland's Alt-W award, and Creative Scotland.

His research has been presented at Transmediale, Disruption Network Lab, SHARE Conference, and Furtherfield Gallery. He is currently a M3C/AHRC-funded Doctoral Candidate at the University of Nottingham; his PhD topic is an examination of the technological administration of command and control systems, the forms of disciplinary practices they depend on in order to operate, and the strategic rationalities which shape their development over time.

He currently teaches on the undergraduate "International Media and Communications Studies" course at the University of Nottingham and on the MA Digital Media Arts course at University of Brighton. In addition, he designs websites, writes code, and tinkers with electronics as part of collaborative ventures with artists, designers, and researchers.


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