[Cursor] App Launched

Cursor is an app that is designed to make you think about the data you are producing throughout the day and what this data says about your health.

Through using Cursor you accumulate organs to complete your databody. Each organ contains a specially commissioned artwork that will be realised in five individual parts. The more you move the more data you will produce. This is turn will unlock new content for you to experience throughout your day.

Cursor will send you a notification each time you unlock new content in each organ. You can access this content at anytime by clicking on your selected organ icon in Cursor.

The app was designed and developed in collaboration with Jake Watts and Kirsty Hendry, with commissions in text/video/sound from Karen Gregory, Simone C Niquille, Rumi Josephs, Anna Zett, Jake Watts, Kirsty Hendry and myself.

The app is available for free download for both Android and iOS through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Check out the Cursor website over here, or have a look at our research blog over there.

The project was funded by New Media Scotland's Alt-W fund.

[Cursor] Resistance Training, w. Karen Gregory, Rumi Josephs, Simone C Niquille

Cursor: Resistance Training

Cursor is a forthcoming publishing platform and corresponding Android and iOS fitness-tracking app that will critically explore the political and economic relationships between physical exercise tracking, data-production, and labour.

The Cursor team of Kirsty Hendry, Dave Young, and Jake Watts invite you to join them for a night of screenings, readings, and discussion. Resistance Training brings together works by artist Rumi Josephs and designer Simone C Niquille, who have both been commissioned to contribute to the Cursor app. These works will be accompanied by a talk by Dr. Karen Gregory who lectures in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh.

Resistance Training will explore how shifts in digital technology are shaping the social mechanisms that produce our conceptions of ‘wellness' and ‘health’. We’re interested in the persistence with which social norms structure technological practices, asking how these technologies condition the body’s interaction with ideas of ‘work’ and ‘leisure’.


Thursday 17th March 2016, 6pm.
Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

Tickets via Eventbrite.

Reposition Matrix at Artist Run Data Centre

Following the work-in-process check in at Servus in late November, progress continues on a hypertext document that describes the circumstances leading to the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki - the first US citizen knowingly targeted by the US government in a drone strike.

The document will draw on information released in the mass media, on social media, and in gray media - the administrative documents, embassy cables, memos, and powerpoint presentations released by the US government under FOIA requests, official releases, or leaked via unofficial channels such as wikileaks, cryptome, etc.

Updates to follow.

[Documentation] Localhost: Read/Write/eXecute

Images from RWX at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, ft. talks by Silvio Lorusso, Kirsty Hendry, Marc Garret and Aymeric Mansoux.

The ensuing two-day workshop proposed concepts of 'evil', 'situationist', 'baroque', and 'stupid' filesystems, and asked participants how such filesystems might function.

Full documentation, including audio recordings, transcripts, imagery, and video of the event is available on the Localhost site here.

Localhost: RWX, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 29-31 Oct

RWX (Read/Write/eXecute) is a three-day worksession and public talks programme that explores the politics of artistic tool use through the context of the 'filesystem' – the part of an operating system that allows a user to read and write to digital memory.

As we increasingly outsource our data storage to "the cloud" and manage it with the multitude of apps on our smart devices, the traditional experience of the filesystem – with its associated workplace metaphors of files and folders – is being outmoded. At RWX, we will speculate on how this evolving experience of the filesystem mediates the existing frameworks and aesthetics of digital tool use, and collaboratively develop a series of responses that imagine how it could influence artistic production in the future.

With guests Marc Garret, Kirsty Hendry, Silvio Lorusso and Aymeric Mansoux.

RWX is funded by Creative Scotland's Lottery Fund, with support from New Media Scotland, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and Furtherfield.

More information available at