Localhost was a nomad hackspace and events series that aimed to stimulate critical, reflective discussions about digital art and culture.

October 2015

RWX (Read/Write/eXecute) is a three-day worksession and public talks programme that explores the politics of artistic tool use through the context of the 'filesystem' - the part of an operating system that allows a user to read and write to digital memory.

As we increasingly outsource our data storage to "the cloud" and manage it with the multitude of apps on our smart devices, the traditional experience of the filesystem - with its associated workplace metaphors of files and folders - is being outmoded. At RWX, we will speculate on how this evolving experience of the filesystem mediates the existing frameworks and aesthetics of digital tool use, and collaboratively develop a series of responses that imagine how it could influence artistic production in the future.

With guests Marc Garret, Kirsty Hendry, Silvio Lorusso and Aymeric Mansoux.

RWX is funded by Creative Scotland's Lottery Fund, with support from New Media Scotland, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and Furtherfield.

Photographs by Suzanne van der Lingen