Cursor [w. Kirsty Hendry and Jake Watts]

Cursor was a smartphone fitness-tracking application and experimental publishing platform featuring the work of invited artists, academics, and writers. The project ran from 2015-2018, and was awarded funding by New Media Scotland's Alt-W award.

Cursor is an app that is designed to make you think about the data you are producing throughout the day and what this data says about your health.

Through using Cursor you accumulate organs to complete your databody. Each organ contains a specially commissioned artwork that will be realised in five individual parts. The more you move the more data you will produce. This is turn will unlock new content for you to experience throughout your day.

Cursor will send you a notification each time you unlock new content in each organ. You can access this content at anytime by clicking on your selected organ icon in Cursor.

The project also led to an article published in Real Life titled "Self Work", written by Kirsty Hendry, Karen Gregory, Jake Watts and David Young.