Localhost: The Radio and the Commons

The Radio and the Commons is a two-day events programme of talks and a workshop. The programme explores the power of radio in contemporary society, and to propose radical ways in which it can be co-opted by the public in the digital age. It is the second in the Localhost events series, and will take place at the Forest Centre Plus, Edinburgh, 20th-21st November 2014.

Roel Roscam Abbing (Rotterdam, NL) will give a talk on the historically imagined potentials of the radio. Withs its root in the latin word 'radius', it translates to "I beam" or "I radiate", hinting at the possibility that it was perhaps conceived as medium where we could all be listeners as well as broadcasters. In the context of the forthcoming 'digital radio switchover', can we make use of the old public AM/FM radio bands, and turn it into a new commons?

Following this, Jack James (London, UK) will discuss his work Temporary Local Broadcast, which involved the development of a temporary community radio station, broadcasting conversations with Peterborough locals examining the history of the city, its multiculturalism, and its place in modern England. Jack will present audio recorded during the residency period, and discuss the creation and subsequent 'tuning-in' session at Metal in Peterborough.