Localhost: Hack Sessions

Fortnightly (free) workspace open to the general public, hosted at Forest Centre Plus, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh.

Localhost is a hackspace and events series that aims to stimulate critical, reflective discussions about digital art and culture. The regular hacksessions are run fortnightly, and function as informal meetups/workshops that promote a deeper understanding of network technologies through processes of dismantling, disrupting, and rebuilding. The events series features talks, discussions, and workshops led by invited artists.

Localhost [Hack Sessions] share:

  • WiFi
  • Table space
  • Raspberry Pis
  • Arduinos
  • Miscellaneous sensors
  • Random standard electronics components
  • Information

Go HERE if you want to know how to join and when to come along.

Note - Localhost is an official fork of FREEMACHINES, as most people referred to FREEMACHINES as Localhost anyway. Localhost was supported by the Arts Trust Scotland. Thanks ATS!