DRONES: Eyes From a Distance - Berlin, April 18-19

A talk on The Reposition Matrix workshop series will be presented as part of DRONES: Eyes From a Distance at the Disruption Network Lab in Berlin. Co-panelists include Jack Serle (from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism), and Tonje Hessen Schei (director of Drone). The panel will be moderated by Marc Garret of Furtherfield.

What is the politics and the regime of power beyond drone-systems? Which are the consequences both on militant networks and civil society of an increasing automatism of conflicts? Can we track down the hidden strategies that move target-killings? Can we understand better drone technology? This event combines reflections on the political and technological infrastructure of drone-systems, the use of them in massive and weaponised military programmes, and the artistic and activist response to this.

More information about the full programme available here.